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August 30, 2018
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Sales Funnel: Way to Use Videos to Engage Customers at Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Stage of the Sales Funnel

You know how much people have started preferring the videos over texts and there is no need to further give explanations about it. You can consider yourself as an example. And, we think it would be rude to ask you question whether you will prefer text or video; of course, videos, sorry for bothering you.

Many people have heard of the sales funnel. It is a concept used by many businesses to help them generate more leads and sales. In this article, I’m going to take you through the different levels of a sales funnel and how videos can be utilized on each one.

What actually the sales funnel is?

You may have heard of the sales funnel, but are unsure exactly what it is. In short, a sales funnel is a process that helps you structure your sales campaign and grow leads into paying customers. Many businesses use different types of concepts to explain the sales funnels to increase their effectiveness. But we will dive deep into this topic and we will explain to you the whole seven stages which are actually made up of the sales funnel. Before we jump into the stages of the sales funnel, you must know how this sales funnel works and how a complete sales campaign is designed and constructed in order to generate productive sales.

How sales funnel work?

Are you aware of the terminology most commonly and frequently used in business language which is sales lead? If yes then you must be a part of this field but if not then we assume that you are a novice and are just here to learn. And, learners never fail and we really appreciate people who want to learn.

A sales lead is a person who is a potential client means he/she is not currently a client but your sales campaign or sales pitch can convert that lead into an authentic client. Because when a person is just a lead, he/she is on verge of being a client or not. And, it’s your pitch that will push him/her to any side. As our topic is related to videos that are greatly related to lead generation. But we will come to the video segment later. First, we need to sort out some basic concepts.

Sales funnel is actually an alternative terminology of lead conversion into confirm client. And, the process by which the ultimate product is confirmed client is called the sales funnel. The sales funnel is a tool that marketers use to help them attract prospective customers and convert them into paying customers. The funnel focuses on the customer journey, starting with awareness and leading right up to purchase.

A sales funnel is a series of steps that a buyer takes to buy your product or service. This can be a series of emails, phone calls, or visits to your website. It’s not the same as a sales process, which is the whole way you sell. A sales funnel is just one of many tools for getting prospects to buy from you.

The goal of the sales funnel is simple: to turn as many prospects as possible into customers. To do this, marketers must create a path that leads from awareness to a sale. This starts with acquiring prospects’ attention, then leads to conversion, and finally closes with repeat purchases.

In order to convince a lead to be your permanent client you play different cards to engage him/her and through this whole convincing process videos, animations, and images play a vital role.

The sales funnel guides you about your business progress too

The sales funnel is important for any business because it helps you to identify where your customers are at any given time and what they’re looking for. It also gives you an idea of how many people are interested in your product or service and if they’re buying anything at all.

If you want a breakdown of your business and want to know whether your business is going in the right direction or not. Simply call your lead generation department and ask them for the report for the last month. Suppose you launched a cosmetic product six months ago and you listed that product on an online store but the sales are not enough to satisfy you. So, first thing first, you need to check the leads on that product. Generate the report and you will find the answer. Your product actually is not getting the interest of the people and is not tempting the audience and this is the first step of the sales funnel that audience must at least have a look at your product.

Once you are done analyzing your lead report, you can move further and decide on the product and whether you want to continue selling that product. And, if you are eager to continue selling that product even after the dry response from the audience then what changes do you need to do in your marketing campaign? So, the sales funnel actually shows you the mirror of your progress and where you are headed too. And, believe us sales funnel never guides falsely.

Breakdown of sales funnel’s different stages

A sales funnel has how many phases, and how long does it take for a lead to become a customer? The answer to both of these queries is determined by your strength and the working principles of your firm.  Most sales funnel templates feature 5-7 stages which they again classify into three different classes the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. The time it takes for a potential consumer to become a paying customer will vary depending on the functionality and effective tools of your industry, products, and services, and most importantly your target audience. And, here we mean the type of target audience and to be more specific which class and field they are from.


Whether you’re new to sales or want to create an organized, well-run sales department at your firm, using a sales funnel template can assist. You can buy a pre-made sales template or create your own with as many or as few phases as you want.

Now coming back to our main topic, we will dissect every stage of the sales funnel and we will show you the correct ways to use videos at each step from a different perspective and by giving real-time examples.

Stage 1. Awareness

The first stage of the sales funnel is awareness and this is the point where the person or if specifically talking in business language, the lead has no idea about your product or brand. He/she didn’t even know that you existed. So, this is going to be your first impression of yours. And, at this point, it is mandatory to remind you of the most typical slogan of the World which your father must have told you thousands of times and especially when you are going for an interview. And the slogan is “First impression is the last impression” ……. BOOOM.

But, don’t take it for granted because fathers are always right and this is the actual key to good sales. Because if you are not going to get the interest of the customer by your first impression then according to research there are 70% chances that you cannot do good in further stages and you cannot close the deal. So, you need to make sure that all the factors or parameters which can be the first impression of your product, must interest the people. And, currently, this tool is social media marketing. When we zoom in on social media marketing the most efficient tool being used is the videos. So, the videos you are posting on the internet must hit the bull’s eye. Let us explain to you with a hypothetical situation how much profit awareness of your brand through correct video marketing can pay you.

We’ve all been to a place where the service was great, but the restaurant itself wasn’t. It’s frustrating when there are people who work so hard to make you feel at home, yet you leave feeling like you could have done more. And, we are asking the owner of the restaurant if he/she could have done more. If the owner has some extraordinary services for which we appreciate the staff, but the owner is not doing good to expand the business and people out there don’t know about that restaurant. And you got frustrated because you want everyone to eat at this restaurant. Because the owner doesn’t know what is the power of social media marketing and how much he/she can grow by making videos about the restaurant.

Stage 2: Affection

Did you ever found some content so attractive that you search for all the pages related to that brand and watch every content they have posted so far? When you tell someone about your brand in the most attractive way then a point will come that a lead may spend some time exploring all of the pages of your company’s website, attempting to learn as much as possible about your brand and products and what services you offer. They will most likely go over all of your products and services in-depth, read your blog, and read reviews from previous customers. So, an affection is developed now between your lead and the brand.

Stage 3: Assessment

The intelligent and clever customer never spends their money blindly. They go in-depth into everything and evaluate it. A lead may call your customer care or sales representative at this step in the sales funnel to obtain a quote and ask specific inquiries about one’s products or services.

And some leads do not stop here, after getting satisfactory answers from your customer service station they will go to your competitor. The same lead will also conduct research and contact competitors to inquire about their products or services. So, this stage is the second most important stage in the sales funnel after stage 1. Because competition is developed at this stage and now either the lead will become your client or your competitor’s.

Stage 4: Determination and bargaining

It’s that point of the sales funnel when the lead has decided to acquire a product or service from your firm at this point. You are halfway there from the finish line.

Before this point, all the activities may be occurring on mobile calls, on the internet, or other mediums. But at this stage when both parties will negotiate the final terms and will end up being on the same spot. Prices will be negotiated; terms and conditions will be shared. The customer shares his/her point of view about the brand or product. And the brand owner will show his selling skills. So, this stage portrays a scene of a fight or a WWE match.

Stage 5: The Sale

This stage is a happy stage for both the client and the owner. The product, contracts, and money will be exchanged here at this stage and a lead is converted into the client.

Stage 6: Rejuvenation

Most sales contracts are written for a set time. Sales agreements can run anywhere from a month to several years, depending on the service, product, or sector. When a customer’s contract expires, the customer must decide whether to renew with your firm or to depart and work with another. And, here the owner can’t do anything about the decision of whether the client should go back to the same brand or should change the brand. But, the product delivered can speak for itself and can push the client again to the same brand.

Stage 7. Repurchasing

If the customer or client decides to renew their contract with your organization, then congratulations your product won the battle and you satisfied your client. Now the new terms, conditions, and payment must be renegotiated and agreed upon while renewing the new contract or while repurchasing because things have changed and time has passed so prices will be changed and others factors too. After then, the customer would repurchase their contract with the company and you are good to go.

Again, some businesses may combine or skip any of the preceding stages to best meet their sales cycle and try to be effective and accurate but 99digitalmarektingagency has different agenda. And, we want to give them complete experience and knowledge.


But here we would like to mention one more step which you usually don’t find from other resources. And, I believe you would have forgotten that step too. Remember when you try to spread awareness at stage 1, some people got it but some didn’t and the leads got dead eventually with time. So, this stage involves the reviving of the dead leads just like you revive your teammates in Fortnite.

While this appears to be a complete and thorough procedure for converting a passive lead into a converted, paying customer, there is one critical sales funnel stage that is lacking. But this is the one part of the topic that we started. Now we would like to introduce the other topic and then we will merge both these topics for excellent understanding. So, you have the knowledge of the sales funnel and its different stages now you need to learn the skills of videography.

Knowledge of Videography

Don’t forget the previous situation because we are going to make you the owner of that restaurant, Congratulations. And, now that you know that you are the owner of a restaurant that has some out-class services to deliver but you do not have that many customers. And the reason is that people are not aware of your restaurant and that is not important. The most important thing is that you are giving quality services there too.

As a business owner, you know that you make your customers happy and satisfied. You are sure that every customer who walks into your establishment leaves with a smile on their face. But what if you could have all of that without having to worry that you are still not getting enough reach? So, the time you were worrying a friend of yours comes to you and tells you that you can easily overcome this by showing the World your restaurant by making some videos. And, the first question you will ask your friend why videos? So, your friend will give you the following important points that why videos for marketing.

  • Video content has been observed to boost performance measures such as leads and profits.
  • In general, video is more fascinating than other types of creative material.
  • Video is portrayed as a truthful marketing technique and can promote consumer trust in your product.
  • You may use video to provide a complete view of your products, services, and brand.

And, the next question you would ask your friend is what are the benefits of video content. So, here are some benefits of branded content.

  1. IT’S Intriguing

Branding video content impacts your audience more effectively than other varieties of content. Keeping your audience interested is essential no despite the fact of what is your product.


Brand video material can be used to start a conversation with your target audience. Treat it as a communication channel to ensure that your customers receive vital and clear messaging.


Viewers are more likely to remember creative videos and images. Video may help you express visual stories, evoke emotions, and develop positive attitudes in your viewers.


Users will be more likely to share quality brand video content with their friends and family if you create it creatively. Shares can boost your online reach as well as showcase you to new viewers.

  1. IT’S Informative

You may construct a true overview of your brand, goods, and stories by utilizing brand video content. Telling a detailed story can help your company display sincerity, gain attention, and build consumer trust.

And, if you are still worried that you don’t know anything about making videos and implementing this concept practically for marketing. So, calm down because that friend is actually 99digitalmarketingagency.com. Because 99digitalmarketingagency.com has mastered this skill.  

99digitalmarektingagency.com knows that video is the perfect way to tell people about our brand and what makes us great: Our food! And we also know that video is not just for marketing—it can be used for customer service as well, which is why we decided to bring together some of the key points that we have derived so far throughout our experience in this field of marketing and advertisement to create this guide.

Types of video content

Product Promo Video

In this type of video, only the slow-motion closeup shots of the products are shown with some informative texts on the sides. And, this type of video is only effective for the introduction of any new article which may be a perfume, shoes, watches, or cosmetic product. But, this type of video is not effective when it’s your first branded video and you are trying to create the first impression.

Behind the Camera stuff

These videos are called behind the scenes. These types of videos excite people more than any other type. Because it’s the nature of people that people always want to know the backside of everything and want to know the back story of every character they see in videos.

So, this type of video is based on the inspirational stuff of the brand, about the owners and the employees. Viewers also prefer to watch the inside environment of the offices and how the products are made.

The benefit of this type of video is that it develops a sense of trust in that product and people connect more easily.


Podcasts are very much trending nowadays. For some people, it is boring stuff but for some people, it is quite informative and an alternative to movies and book reading. So, in podcasts, there is a detailed discussion about any product, general issue, or any other topic.

Review Videos

So, here is again a quick question for you. Do you also check the reviews first even before checking out the price and other detail when you do shop online on amazon? I hope it’s a yes because that’s what it should be done. The review videos give people a sense of trust and if a review video is done nicely it can generate very effective leads.

You must have seen the influencers and social media artists who have a huge following talk about different product and reviews those products in their Instagram stories and their videos. For this thing brands pay them loads of money which no influencer ever exposes but believe us, it’s a lot. Even at this time, this thing is one of the most paying jobs in the World. Anyways, so these influencers have a great impact on whatever they share in their videos and if they are reviewing any product, the followers will buy that thing. Because even if they didn’t know about the product or brand but they believe the influencer.  So, at least they will give it a try.

Storytelling videos

Stories are an interesting way to get someone’s attention if you want them to listen to you for a longer time. Because nobody will ever want to leave the story in the middle just like in the movies. But for this, your story must sound like a story and an interesting one. So, the storytelling here means the story about your brand. How it started, who gave the idea, and how the first product was manufactured. Such type of questions presented in the form of a story video fascinates the audience.


For the past decade, vlogging is one thing that has given thousands of content creators and brands an immense full life. Blogs turned into vlogs and people who used to share their daily life through words now share their life routines by vlogging.

So, brands can use the same strategy that they are up to by making vlogs. Videos like an update about their new product. People love this type of stuff and somewhat get addicted to that if your content is relatable and gives them something meaningful.

How to create an impactful brand awareness video? Tips and Tricks

When making a brand video, you want it to be unique. To increase brand awareness, make it a reflection of who your brand is and showcase to your market what your products are capable of.

Here are our top 11 suggestions from 99digitalmarketingagency.com for creating an effective brand awareness video.


Whenever you want to do something big and life-changing, plan it. And always plan long-term and ahead of time your purpose, subject, screenplay, and all other aspects so that you may excellently results. Know what your video’s goal is and stick to it throughout the creation.

As you got the rank of a restaurant owner in the beginning so we will continue with that situation for better understanding. You want your audience to have a look at your restaurant through the videos you are planning to film. What do you people think that how it should be done? Your product is food and you want people’s mouths to water whenever they watch your videos and they must get tempted by looking at your videos.

So, in this type of video, you don’t need some extra graphics or text. The only thing you need to do is show close-up shots of the sizzling hot food with smoke around it and dipping sauces. People don’t want someone to explain what this food is, the food will speak for itself.


Create a brand video that you are proud of. To create a high-quality video, you’ll need a good camera, a tripod, gimble, nice and soft lighting, and a microphone. All equipment will provide you with the input but to get an output you need a person called a professional video editor. He will do the magic and will bring all the sounds, lighting, pictures, texts, and video together.

And one thing we don’t want to hide from you is that the equipment is really expensive nowadays but it doesn’t matter. It’s an investment and when you invest you get the profit multiplied. So, don’t compromise on the quality of the video, and don’t hesitate if it will cost any extra.


People love fun and entertaining content because everyone is fed up with their daily hustle and when they come to social media for scrolling, they don’t want sad and dry videos to watch. And, if your video is just smooth and simple without any punches, people will never interact with it and will not try to explore it more.

Hire a good creative director or filmmaker who knows how to make videos fun and can make present food videos entertaining. People will only remember your videos if they are capable of being remembered and to be shared.


You must have noticed that on every social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even YouTube, the reels and shorts are number 1 trending. Because it ends in less than a minute and you can watch a lot of content in minimal time. But here creativity is demanded a lot because summing up a whole idea and presenting that idea in less time is more challenging.

And, if you think that the video is short people will just watch and will take it for granted and will not remember, you are wrong. If your content is excellent and seductive people will not only remember it but will also share it with their friends and family. So, try to be accurate and minimalistic while shooting the video.


Now that you have decided and come all the way into the World of video making so why not let it go side by side forever? Because the online world has its algorithm and tactics. You cannot just post some of the videos and then disappear and will think that the current audience and upcoming audience will keep watching these videos and will get awareness about your restaurant. You are wrong here. The Internet doesn’t work this way. If you’re not consistent and are not regularly uploading videos, a time will come internet will bring down your previous videos too, and will not show them to social media users. Consistency is the key and if you want people to remember you forever you will have to be consistent in your videos.


A call-to-action means that when you’re done with your main video content and you want to end your video what you should add at the end that should tell the audience that if you want to avail of this service, what they should do. Because if they have come this far to the end of the video, it means that a connection is developed between you and your audience. And the ending note can break it or either make it permanent. Tell the audience what they should do next. And make it memorable so it sticks in their minds.

For example, being an owner of a restaurant, you should tell the audience at the end where they can find the food and location and what extra services you are offering.


The people should know whom they are watching in the video. Your name of the restaurant, and your logo, make it clear to viewers. Include your logo, trademark colors, and anything else that describes you the best. This video seems to be yours. Create a Saved Brand to easily add your company’s fonts, logos, and colors to any video.

Get yourself authorized officially by creating your name and logo because, in this field of the internet, cheaters are always ready to steal your content. Develop such a system for such mishaps, if happens any.


Before uploading you should study the target audience and the platform as well. Because every platform has a different type of audience and every platform has different requirements for content. The video you are uploading to a specific platform must meet the correct formats, dimensions, and sizes of that platform.

Understand your audience and what they anticipate from you in order to impress them. This also depends somewhat on the type of platform. If you are uploading a video on YouTube, so YouTube shows that it is mostly used by a children’s age group which is not your target audience and the other age group is between 25-40 which doesn’t like the videos to have extra music. They want it sophisticated. But, if you are uploading it on Instagram or Tik Tok, the audience is always ready for some hip-hop music and fun.


Once you’ve finished your video, upload it on every platform you know. Do not even skip a single platform. If you are sure about the quality of your content. Then you should focus on the number. More the people interact with your content, the more clients you will make.



The videos will not only get you the audience but will also open doors for new businesses. Because the target audience will be not only comprise consumers but there will also other businessmen and owners of different companies. So, Now is the moment to establish your brand as a trustworthy company so that customers will feel comfortable doing business with you.

Social media content-making is a huge opportunity to explain your business to others and to prove yourself. Use your video to demonstrate your authority and sincerity. These two characteristics are critical for increasing brand awareness. When other businesses will understand your worth, they will try to be a part of yourself and will try to invest in your business.


As I told you before different types of videos need to be shot differently. Now, if you are shooting a video for a food brand. It is not appropriate to present yourself in the video because people don’t want to see you, people only want to see the food. So, when you are not in the video, you can still show your presence by adding your voice to it. By employing voice-over, you can provide a sense of humanity to your business, strengthen your relationship with your audience, and make your films stand out even more.


So, these were some accurately derived 11 tips that will surely create a difference for those who are planning to make videos about their brand.


You definitely want to consider using videos in all areas of your sales funnel. Keep your message consistent, help customers visualize what they are going to get, and make the buying process as simple as possible for them. Video content can truly help you achieve this and attract more conversions at every step of the sales funnel.

If you use videos to demonstrate your products, use them in every stage of the sales funnel. By focusing on the audience that’s important for each part of your business – like product research, purchasing, or post-purchase – you can increase sales and conversions. The truth is that people engage with different content depending on where they are in the sales process. Videos should be an intrinsic part of any successful marketing strategy because they’re so powerful. it’s important to think about how each one will serve your needs, why the videos are being produced in the first place, and how they will relate to potential customers. A video can help you generate leads but might not be appropriate if you want to build brand awareness. Let this post help you figure out which type of video is worth your time, and which ones are likely less beneficial in terms of sales results.

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design leads to performance,
performance leads to success!
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